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ABCmouse is a children's online English learning product that has been carefully created by Age of Learning, Inc. in the United States for several years. It is an excellent children's English learning platform in the world today.The platform contains more than 5,000 English learning activities designed by young children's experts, including American general education content such as reading, math, basic science, family, community, art and music.Mainly through games, songs, books, etc., it provides Chinese children with an all-day, all-English interactive learning environment, so that every Chinese child can learn English easily, naturally, and happily just like learning their mother tongue.

With forward-looking vision, Dadi introduced ABC mouse from the United States in 2014. Combined with China's national conditions and platform characteristics, Chinese and American bilingual language experts have jointly organized an English learning path suitable for Chinese children, currently covering children aged 2-12.

Scientific group teaching content arrangement; a new model of modern computer classroom learning; diversified creative activities that allow children to learn American language in fun and enhance their interest in American language learning.Let children master: pure American voice and intonation; English thinking mode without conversion; benefit from lifelong autonomous learning ability!

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